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It is actually very easy. You add a product to your shopping cart by clicking the [Add to cart] button. You can modify the amount of pieces of the selected product with the [Quantity] selector or you can do it later in the [YOUR CART] menu on the right side. The blue-arrow icon [Update Quantity In Cart] helps you to update the total amount of selected products.
When the cart is filled and you are ready for checkout click the [Checkout] link. The system will ask you to login to your account, please fill in your username and your password. Not registered? Never mind – just fill in the required billing information and if you agree with our Terms of Trade, confirm them.

Next: The Three-Step-Checkout.

  1. Choose your shipping address (you can add as many as you need)
  2. Choose the payment method
  3. Confirm your order (the checkout is finished and you will receive a confirmation e-mail)

Czech With Us!

Please note that some categories, product names and descriptions are in the Czech language. Unfortunatelly, the system does not allow us to translate all the parts of our web site. Whenever you feel confused or want to make sure what certain words mean please let us know – we will be happy to translate them for you.



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